Walmart: Training effectiveness transformed

World’s largest company sees VR as a way to train associates faster with better results.


Verizon: Safety training reinvented

Verizon uses STRIVR to teach employees how to handle dangerous situations.


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United Rentals: 40% less time onboarding

See how STRIVR helps United Rentals reduce time spent training.


Companies transforming their training with STRIVR


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How on earth do you prepare somebody for the holiday peak season, that rush of a busy store and all of the action going around you? With this we can really prepare these leaders.

– Tom Ward, Senior Director of Central Operations, Walmart

With STRIVR, you can experience a situation as if you are actually there. Learning retention rates can be as high as 75%, vs. just 10% for reading or a lecture.

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Strivr Quote

The trainer is able to better understand the task at hand while the employee is learning new skills for safety and better work quality.

– Amy Vinson, Associate Director, Safety Analytics, Health and Safety, Tyson Foods

Learning the phases of construction has increased effectiveness while reducing time spent in training by 40%

- Patrick Barrett, Director of Training, United Rentals

STRIVR gives us a practical, scalable way to teach new skills, give associates more confidence in their jobs and make work more exciting and fun.

- Brock McKeel, Senior Director of Central Operations, Walmart

When you put this on you can work the mental aspects of being a QB. You can get it through your eyes. You can get your footwork in. So it’s the closest thing you can do to playing the position.

- Kliff Kingsburgy, Head Coach, Texas Tech Football