Great Use Cases For VR

Great Use Cases for VR

By Logan Mulvey (Chief Customer Officer) and Brian Murphy (VP, Customer Solutions) Over the past two years, we have been focused on building and implementing immersive training solutions for our customers and transforming the way people learn. In that short…

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2,647 Ways To Get Better

2,647 ways to get better

We couldn't help but smile at the title of today's article on ESPN about the Vikings QB Case Keenum. How more than 2,500 virtual reality reps helped transform Case Keenum's game The number is actually 2,647. Every week this season,…

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Finally, A Useful Application For VR

Finally, a useful application for VR

Over the Thanksgiving holiday week, two notable publications featured stories about STRIVR. The New York Times featured STRIVR in a piece titled "Virtual Reality Companies Are Changing How Athletes See Practice". The article talks about all the ways athletic programs…

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Practice Makes The Champion

Practice Makes the Champion

“Übung macht den Meister”. A common German saying, this translates to “practice makes the champion”. A perfect phrase for our newest customer. We are proud to announce the Deutsher Fußball Bund (DFB)—or to Americans, the German National Soccer Federation—has joined…

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